Thursday, March 02, 2006

Dust has finally Settled

the past 2 months had been rather deranging for me. just so glad that all is over and I still get to do what I want in Life. haha. it feels all so UNreal, man. will be deferred for 1 year though. But nevermind, I still going there. This time, it is CONFIRMED. Plus Chop Chop.

never thought I will be heading to that big city (in my opinion) to study. heard from a friend that the University is damn nice lah. sooo grateful lah.

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no, it's not in england lah......

thanks to all those who have supported me in way or another. =P
I will not state names, you all know who you are lahhh.

oh ya, DJ tagged me to do this "name 5 weird facts about me"

1. I eat curry but I hate chilli in its raw state (balachan, paste, sliced etc etc)
2. I like to carry my bath towel after showering all over the house. (think Linus of the Peanut Gang minus the thumb sucking)
3. I am demophobic (eg. i rather walk a longer route to reach my destination than take a shorter route which is crowded).
4. I like things complicated. (be it stuff or situations)
5. I rather diarrhoea than vomit.

i'll skip the tagging 5 more people to do this. Cuz of pure laziness. ok?

haha. cheers.

Re point 5. You've obviously never had food poisoning Ka Chuaz. believe me, you don't get a choice ;-)
haha. never had food poisoning. but i ever had severe gastric. believe me, you don't want it ;)
so which uni are you doing in sydney?
ser: university of sydney =)
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