Sunday, March 19, 2006

Lost it? No, not my head

I used to be able to finish a book within 2days (those standard 300-400 pages type 1 lah), BUT, that was back in secondary school days. Back then it was so intensive that my aunt had to lock up my books and take my library card away from me when I was doing my O's. LOL .

After that year, I sort of lost it and take up to 2 weeks just to finish a book, depending on the "pull" factor.

Trying to recover that lost steam and getting disciplined this year. resolution...


heh heh.

gambatte nehx!
you want to be a bookworm again? later your aunt lock you instead of locking away the books how?! hahaz.
you know...

i can take months to finish a book when i am ultra lazeee...

erin: siao lah u...not

ser: dun need to read books lah. mucnch on notes can liao. keke :P
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