Saturday, March 25, 2006

moving on....

got mua a part time job, been working since tuesday now. so now, i'll be doing 5.5 days just like any other typical working singaporean (lol), only thing is that i work on public holidays too (only a few hours lah).

finished my 1st storeee - book of the year.

got my uni offer letter (in black & white) finally.

will be signing up for my driving course soon (maybe next week).

great, things are moving along now.

now for the hobby....hmm....i wonder....

yooo woman.

haha i've got 2 hobbies now.

one is working out in the morns and the other's me taking up theory lessons and jazz piano! haha.

shouldnt reading be considered as a hobby? :P that you say..

ya..reading is a hobby ah...

must build up intensity den
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