Thursday, April 27, 2006

i survived

my first driving lesson this morning and of course i stalled the car. first lesson remember ?


now... on to lesson number 2, which is tomorrow 0700hrs.

jia you for the lessons!! and get the licence soon!! then we can spin around singapore for supper!! hahaz. (:
yeeaaa! next time i come to s'pore, u and erin can drive me around liao =P

haha, good luck and have fun with ur driving lessons! =D

take care!
haha...jiayou man!! dun let instructor puke blood k?? his teachings idiot proof one...remb get your advance and book for tp soon...wait blardee long one loh...

anyway..hope i didnt intro the wrong person to you eh?? update me... =)
erin: thanks man~

con: cant wait till you drop by again. keke. thanks and you take care too ya ~

fifi: haha. i dun think he puke blood YET. lol. i book advanced liao. once i pass advanced will book TP liao.

his teaching ok lah. but sometimes the chinese must register in my brain first. lol. especially the right and left in chinese.
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