Friday, April 14, 2006

Magnificent 7s

not the singapore rugby 7s (thought it is over liao)

what better way to enjoy the public holiday afternoon, then to slack at home, drink 3in1 coffee, enjoy the heavy rain and type this meme?? lol

tagg-ed by jayaxe ,

seven dreams before death:

- to experience in an old-fashioned highland farm practicing my ambition (preferably in grey, soaking wet lands of the good old monarchy kingdom)
- globe trot the world, guess everyone wants to do this. haha
- visit the theatre of dreams, preferably before Paul Scholes retires, keeping my fingers crossed
- have a house by the sea or next to an open pasture
- have a VW Golf, Mitsubishi Lancer, Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, Jeep Grand Cherokee, ernn... i will stop here...hahaa
- job & self satisfaction
- try a variety of extreme sports

at least i know i am already halfway through to my first ever dream, hee hee hee.

seven things I can't do in this lifetime:

- sleeping on my bed without bathing, phoaw!
- have any siblings
- do a stage performance
- be a genius
- have no direction in life
- not know how to ride a bicycle
- i will have to agree with jayaxe on the "burn money literally" part. LOL

seven things that attracts me:

- guys with prominent jawlines & high cheek bones
- nice eyes
- bags (backpacks, duffels etc etc)
- breath taking scenery
- spontaneous , "enthu "people
- thinkers
- dogs

seven things I say:

- wah piang
- knn
- cb
- kns
- wah lau eh
- apa do?
- 早死早操身

seven books that i love:

- any book by James Herriot
- It really shouldn't happen to a vet by Joe Iglis
- Catch me if you can by Frank W. Abagnale
- Just Practising: Early days as a country vet by David Grant
- Cold Fusion by Windsor Chorlton
- DK Eyewitness series : Dogs
- The Far Country by Nevil Shute

seven movies that i've loved:

- Rudy (inspiration movie about a boy and his dream to play American football, in Notre Dame University)
- Catch Me If You Can
- The Aviator (i like to watch crazy genius at work, LOL)
- Initial D
- The Godfather trilogy (i like Al Pacino , Andy Garcia & Robert DeNiro films, in general)
- Chronicles of Riddick
- Scent of a Woman (nothing to do with women, lol)

seven tags:

- anyone who wants to do it

so i guess youre looking for

guys with prominent jawlines & high cheek bones, with nice eyes and are spntaneous and enthu??


i tagged you too you know. HAHAA
hey hey..
interestingly, i read none of the books you love, and didnt watch any of the movies you like !! How unique is that !!
Anyway, thanks a lot for the link.
ser: haha. somewhat true. eh..your meme hor..very random leh.i dun like will change it =P

robin: not surprising. after all we are in different field of studies. i see myself as very individualistic. LOL. cheers~
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