Monday, April 24, 2006

of boozing

bourbon coke, beer, martell and 12 yr old chivas regal makes a lethal brew

fren...tink you forgot vodka...and is bourban = martell?? hmmm...
Kaoz...go lim jiu nv ask mi go...u bu gou peng you leh...Hw can ownself go drown urself in sorrow???
Roger that...

But whatever happened that night, I die-die also cannot "toh"...

At least not when I've got 2 ppl under my charge for escort duty...
fifi: eh...martell is not swedish vodka nor american bourbon leh, is french cognac.

all originated from different countries.

YH: no lah, i didnt drink by myself. lol.

gene: lol. yeaps. thanks ah~
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