Saturday, April 29, 2006

of singaporean drivers & patience

En route home in a cab just now after supper, Car A honked us (mua, Fifi & MoMo) while Fifi was alighting. Car A was about 7 metres behind us and the road was deserted. I don’t understand why that fella honked, it wasn’t as if we were obstructing the way.

That wasn’t the end of matters, Car A then overtook us and ended up behind Car B, which unfortunately was driven by this uber slow lady driver, causing Car A to “E-brake”.

Car A buey song liao, then swerved onto the oncoming traffic lane (which was also deserted) and went in front of Car B, staying dangerously close in front and then braked. (Wtf really). Car B stopped and I thought we were going to have “road show” to watch. Car B paused for a while before going passed Car A. Car A then turned into 1 of the car park. Thus ending the drama.

*By that time the above played out, we had already sped passed both cars and drove on*

Singaporean drivers…. *shakes head*.

Absolutely no patience.

Wait for a few blardy seconds can die meh?

wah lau why this orange blog...

you still wanna learn driving?
eh wats wrong with the orange blog?

of cuz must learn driving, essential skill
Weird people. Try that a few more times and you can't guarantee you won't meet a road bully.

Beat the living shit out of you ah.
meow: har? wat talking you? lolz
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