Friday, May 19, 2006

Alot or nothing

i have this "don't do at all" or "do all at a time" mentality

which can be very bizarre or "siao" as what a local might put it

i am not the sort to watch movies, can't bear to part with the moo-las (yeap, stingy roach)

the last movie i watch was Initial D.

but in the past 1 week, i watched MI:3 and The Da Vinci Code (foc), will be adding X Men 3 to the list next next week.

burn. money. burn.

stingy stingy roachy (applicable to movies on the big screen)

hey I have watched MI3, and gonna watch da vinci code soon, x-men3 too....
ahh.. same here... cash running out.. but i just gotta watch those movies... must must must
robin: haha..get ppl to send you the P copies from home lah. keke. save money
sighz....movies used to be $2 a ticket....
AKK: serious!?! i dunnot of what i used to be $5 a tix...even then, i also hardly watch...LOL
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