Tuesday, May 02, 2006

i think i very the hengzz

some people wait for years to get to vote in the General Elections.

some people in their few decades of living, get to vote maybe twice or thrice (depending on whether your area is" walkover-able")


turn 21 not too long ago, have to vote liao.

somemore, got free money.

heng bo?

got free money? election malaysian style, malaysia memang boleh!
wuching: really? malaysia does the same? hmm... as for "malaysia memang boleh", i have no idea what you are saying. LOL
And can watch ANY movies in cinemas liao!

But welcome to the world of responsibilities :)
jayaxe: haha! indeed. but i hardly watch movies in cinemas. too expensive for mua.

i long time ago have responsibilities liao.keke. dun need to wait till 21. =)
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