Wednesday, May 24, 2006

random thoughts #2

i can never understand girls whom upon seeing their idols live in person, screaming and screaming at the top of their voices.

what do they actually get out of it?
just relax and enjoy the songs mah. scream and scream doesn't make them (idols) notice you any more.
it only gives you a bad sore throat the next day, further more, I'm sure you gals (pay money/queue overnight/buy albums so as to get tickets for roadshow events/join fan clubs) [delete which ever that is inappropriate in your case] to hear your own screaming right?

be more rational mah.

maybe at the end of the day, they (idols) would be thinking "wah sei, today alot of siao zar bor screaming hor? how do they ever hear us singing?" then, laugh out loud.
"nevermind them lah, we are paid to do our act, they like to scream then scream loh."

scream till "hwa-he"


i am one of those that screams also.. ahahhaaa..
i just find it fun... since everyone is screaming... why not?
robin: aiyo! how can. everyone scream you also scream. then, you hear what??
muahahaha.....when i watch MJ, I also scream until hoarse
AKK: hwa he tio ho loh...LOL
just something i don't understand lah :)
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