Wednesday, June 07, 2006

joker of the year 2006 contestant no. 1

i wonder how many of you guys out there know that there was a scene after the credits of the movie finished for X Men 3? (surprise surprise)

so anyway, last sunday i went. i watched. i stayed till the very end of it.

*Scene set at the hospital ward with the comatose man on the bed, doctor was taking notes*

Male Patient: "Hi, Dr ......" (didnt catch the name)

Doctor: " Charles?"

and it ended there.

you guys can guess what that means right? quite obvious right?

so, i thought.

I got up from my seat and was heading to the exit when i overhead this couple who were behind me.

GF: "who is Charles har?"

BF: mumbles something

GF: "it is Magneto right?"


Charles is Magneto?

Hello! You mean you spent the $9.50 without understanding a shit you are watching ah???!!!??? Chew popcorn till your brains also chew out liao ah??!!??

Damn stupid lah! I had to control myself and laugh only when they were out of sight.

Idiotic sia.

I can't find words to describe the GF.

Totally .duh.

they just look at pretty faces & action only mah!
huh? wait for so long to watch a short stupid scene? i really dun unserdtand movie makers WHY THEY ALWAYS LIDDAT ONE. you know, it's scary to stay behind in a cinema alone lei....hah
wuching: now that u say that, i am reminded of the bunch of 3 gals sitting beside me that went into fits of giggling whenever Angel appeared on the screen. shessh.

ser: lol. nvm mah got Darls right? next time bring Lil Hammy also lah!

hee hee hee
What pissed me off was that I knew about the surprise ending but the movie credits were incredibly long!
now that i know hor, i won't wait for the credit to roll finish liao. aiyo, dun blame gf lah, she perhaps dun really like to watch x-men and slept thru some parts of it. prob only watch becos her bf watched winnie the pooh with her last time.
Jayaxe: patience, my dear friend :)

AKK: pai sei ah. i bet she must be very excited since Garfield 2 will be screening soon :P
Like AKK, I think gf just goes for bf’s sake so pardon them if they don’t understand lah.

I stayed for the last scene too!! I didn’t know about it but luckily my friend did.
And yes the credit was super long!!

I love the Xmen movies. It is really good!!
lc: yeap, it was not bad but could be better, insufficient character development. surely got installment 4. lol. dun think i will be watching then~~
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