Thursday, June 15, 2006

joker of the year 2006 contestant no. 2

this conversation in MSN happened about a week ago, was too busy with the World Cup, novel-reading and work to type it out.

background info:

this young chap (of 15 years, nationality: not local, will not state country, lest i kena suited or something, these days one can't be too sure) private messaged me in a forum, requiring some help with options for tertiary level studies in a specific course.

To cut the long story short, he was too young and foreign to understand Singapore's way of grading in the O Level, A Level, JC and Polytechnic grading.

I told him,

Me : I think you should talk to your parents about it, at least they can help you with your decision. And you shouldnt rush to think about the next step, 'cuz you are still some way from that. You don't have to decide everything now. It's too early and I think you are too immature now to make this type of decisions.

Him : so... why am i immature in thinking?

Him : any examples?

I went on to explain that he knows nothing about the education system in Sg, knows nothing about the requirements for the degree course. That he should concentrate on his immediate studies and results.

The immediate problems and not those so-far-into-the-future situations, I wouldn't even call it a problem yet.

His reply almost killed me.

Him : so if i am mature, then i auto know the requirements?

It was like after all that explaination, you still don't get it ah? you still don't undertstand the system? you can just knock yourself against the wall lah ! Is it me or is it me???

I closed the window after that. Gave up. Pek chei liao. I guess it doesn't take much to frustrate mua. That's one of the main reasons why I never thought of being a teacher or tutor in my life. If I always so suay and have every student like this fella, I will most probably die young of sudden heart attack or high blood pressure.

Classic lah, don't know go where to find another "classic" answer like that liao.

And that's contestant number 2, till numero tres arrives .....

adios ~ ~

ahahahaha..... so impatient ah you....actually you could have saved ur energy and explained the system and let him decide himself lar... heh

hey my bf went to university after O levels, of coz he did foundation first what, so 15 is not too young after all...
ser: precisely wat i did and he eventually asked me that question mah.

maturity comes with the experiences not necessarily with the years.

one starts uni foundation yr at 17.
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