Tuesday, June 13, 2006

of Australia vs. Japan

all i can say is DAMN Kelong-Long LAH!!!!

How can 6mins score 3 goals, you think SLeague ah!!!

for goddness sake, it is the World Cup leh. not some "lan peh" soccer league

i rather the japanese team won, they were the better team of the two.

i wonder who bought A-H, blardy hell win alot of money lah

haha i just blogged about it. caught the game as well; damn noisy outside just now, can hear cars honking all over the place. australia really celebrating tonight.

i thought japan deserved a better result as well - but i thought both teams played hard, and yes, australia was really fortunate in a way, to have gotten the '3-goals-in-less-than-10-min' comeback. it was shocking, to say the least. i was left speechless at the end of it! lol.

regardless, australia is against brazil next; hmm... =P

anyway, i agree japan is still the better team. feel disappointed for them!!
aiyarrrr....maybe coz losing le then suddenly got enlightenment so they scored well... i support Aussie. HAH!
conz: yeah man, Nippon go! Aussie confirm lose to Brazil. no way they can win, it's like the pig telling the cow "i can be milked much more than you" LOL

ser: if really got such "enlightenment" then even Singapore Team also can make it to WC liao loh. Pure Luck.

Aussie is crap in soccer, stick to cricket and AFL.
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