Sunday, June 11, 2006

of England vs. Paraguay

England was lucky to win by 1-0, and it had to be an own goal.

FIFA should not had used a Latin American Referee for the match.

Nelson Valdez should get prescription glasses, I lost count of the "bananas" he did.

Peter Crouch should brush up on his PR skills, he does not seems to be on good terms with the Latin American referee.

Frank Lampard & Joe Cole should get iron shin guards, at the rate the both of them are getting fouled. They will need them.

If England keeps this up, they would not get pass the 16-teams playoffs.

Too bad for Paraguay, Chilavert is too old to play ball now.

Yah lor, I thought FIFA should get a referee from a neutral continent. But then, this could have been better for England because the referee might hate Paraguay (as a rival neighbour) for all we know?

What we confirm know is that the man in black didn't want to see Crouch doing his Robo-Crouch dance!
but the ref attitude seems otherwise leh. kinda bias in my opinion lah.

LoL, managed to catch the Robo dance during the match. CMI sia lah. close to 2 metre worth of bamboo pole.

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