Sunday, July 16, 2006

Moving on ....

after the World Cup, it's back to the good ol' English Permier League

more Glory Glory Manchester United

more Paul Scholes

and check out the new home kit

Thanks for letting me know in advance that I'll save my money on the Man U jersey yet again. They obviously never pay their kit designers well enough. It's seems like they are a Division 3 team!
lol. i think they decided to return to simplicity bah.

the crest looks like the one used for the CL back in '99 leh.

maybe they hope to repeat the treble?

not unleast they solve the ronaldo-rooney saga sia
Eh, yah, good observation about the badge. Eyes of a true Man U fan indeed! But I say, don't even think of treble, their main concern should be snatching back the Premiership crown.

Talk about their new design, notice their AIG sponsor? People have been giving it names like 'Alex (Ferguson) Is God/Good/Goondo'. I got names for it like 'Arsenal Is Goner', 'America Is Great' (taking swipe at their owners), 'All Is Gone' etc...

Seriously, at least last season's design is not bad leh...
den again hor, i might buy this season's jersey, cuz it's v-necked and design is simple. quite like it.

i hope it's not too ex sia...though...
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