Thursday, September 07, 2006

of 周杰伦's 依然范特西

was reading the TNP yesterday, people commenting that the combi between Jay and Fei Yu Qing for "千里之外" is kinda sucky. [said that Fei Yu Qing was too long gone liao]

i beg to differ. i like it LOH.

AND it's only Fei Yu Qing's part that catches my attention. HAHAHA.

i admit.

i am lao kok kok.

No I agree with you as well. Fei has a nice voice.
haha you're not the only one who likes the song! i thought they sound quite good together. and yes, i like the "old-classic-feel" of Fei Yu Qing's voice!

personally i didn't really think this latest album is that good.. no offense to any jay chou fans out there. the past few albums are better, in my opinion.
meow: yeap. gives me goosebumps.

con: sama sama!! haven really heard the whole album. but i rather like track 2

for those who watched Initial D, you guys might find the tune familiar.

or is it just me?

P.S I'm not a fan of Jay..LOL
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