Sunday, September 10, 2006

You Know ....

I seriously respect those people whom are so passionate about the hobbies that they pick up.

the Time, Energy & Money spent. and coming out filling satisfied about whatever they do.

Be it collecting stuff to learn a new language or picking up a sport or musical instrument.

I never seem to have the interest or passion Enough to stick to 1 thing for a long time.

I get tired of familiar stuff very easily; 1 reason why i avoided buying a gaming console (?? no relevance?? lol) .

My family never did encouraged nor asked if I would like to pick up a musical instrument and it remains 1 of my childhood regrets.

Better late then never. I don't want to live in regrets now.

I will keep to It.

well, u kept your blogging pretty consistently, i would think that's an accomplishment too. :)
and kudos to trying a musical instrument, that is also one of my regrets. :)
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