Sunday, October 01, 2006

of the upcoming week

busy and even busier

have to start settling the Uni stuff, will be dropping by Clarke Quay quite often

intensive driving lessons, cuz my instructor is KPKB-ing my driving no improvement, and it's not helping that my prac test date is in 2 mths

KBox-ing on Sat night with the usual DMN-AF gang, yo yo yo~~

JB on Sun, finding out the route to and fro, i predict more JB expeditions in the not so far future =)

and of cuz, i cannot forget the 6-day work week as usual

have to slot a time for the guitar class somewhere, don't know where...

excuse me while i go conserve energy


wah my pract test also in 2 months time! siao liao rite.. =) jiayou!
tell me when you're out on the roads... i'll steer clear of that area! :)

g'luck settling the uni stuff.
kat: thanks woman, you also jia you ah.

spyda: look who's back~ =) ya. the next time u see a giant roach behind the wheel, you know that;s me. alternatively you can look out for 2/ 3 antennas instead of the usual 1 or none.


thanks too, limey!!

where are youuuu.

i'm going back soooN!@ when can i catch you? gimme a holla alrightey?
ser: haha! here here! when u coming back?
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