Saturday, December 02, 2006

just a breather...

wheww....guess what~ i'm finally not working on a sunny Saturday morning. lol.

just a few notes to make,

another Trip is in the works =) most probably the last holiday before i embark on a 5-yr "穷书生" status.

so terribly exciting .... new state, old country, new friends, new opportunities, new choices. eh guys, when you have time (& spared enough cash) in the future, pop by good ol' Sydney, yea?

my guitar has gathered at least 1in thick dust on the cover. wah lau much for the hobby...but i will pick it up whenever i have time, but..but...HOW to find time when one is working 6 days a week and the only rest day is spent either hanging out with friends or plain over-sleeping, and the cycle repeats itself. I treasure my sleep alot and I think it runs in the family, muhahaha~~~

damn, at the rate i'm spending, i don't think i have saved much. mati LAH.

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