Monday, December 25, 2006

of CDs, Kino & whatsmore?

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the haul over 2 weekends

haven't been buying CDs in yons now,

but Take That came back together and i HAD to buy 1 in support of my all-time favourite singer, Gary Barlow

1 led to another and i bought a second CD, haha (guess whose?)

got the Biography of his too @ Kino (there was only 2 copies in stock, of course, since he isn't well-known in SG, what a shame, really)

P.S: the human traffic at Orchard was 1 word "Shitified", never going to go to town during the festive seasons period liao. it doesn't help that it was drizzling and everyone left home without a brolly and had to jam pack the walkway linking Orchard MRT to Wisma. i gathered from a friend that ViVoCity was alot worst.

P.S.S: Glory Glory Man United, 3-0 at Villa Park, and Scholesy scoring an absolute Scorcher!! from 25 yards out!!!

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