Tuesday, April 10, 2007

because i'm on the go, keep on movin'

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"no more, out the door, i don't wanna procrastinate no more"

down with 1 essay!! now on to the anatomy test

been to the Sydney Royal Easter Show last friday, will upload pictures soon. i hope.

Saturday was the Nike & Adidas Factory outlets (Auburn), burnt a huge hole. Think have to makan maggi mee for the next 2 weeks. Siao liaoz~~~~~

edited: i just realized that after more than half a year, i have yet to upload the pictures from the Taiwan Trips. HAHA!!


p.s : guess which song? haha!!

p.p.s : KNS!!! Scholesy kena red-carded AGAIN!!! WTH!!! Crossing my fingers for wednesday's match. It's showing at 0430hrs over here. Think I'm going to watch.


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