Wednesday, April 25, 2007

& The Reds Goes Marching On! On! On!

Just caught the Man United vs AC Milan (J.... :P) live on tv. That's 4.45am (AEST)

Final Score : Manchester United 3 AC Milan 2

Have to say that it's been awhile since i watched such an entertaining match, or well, it could have just been that i was deprived of EPL action for the past 3months. Hahaha~

Evra is out for the return away leg thou, bummer... 1 more defensive player out. Think AF might have to play Alan Smith up front, Scholesy will have to play a more defensive - holding role and Fletcher back defending.

Public Holiday over here on the 25th of April. That doesn't mean R&R, just more time to clear stuffs that are coming up real fast (like next week!) (Nope, I'm not whining)

Back to bed now, for an hour or so. Then I really have to hit the keyboard and books.

while it pours & pours outside



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