Thursday, April 26, 2007

Stomping the Yard

was at the mall just now when this aussie bloke came up to me and asked if i wanted a movie ticket.

i was like "huh?"

he looked pretty intimidating cuz he was kinda into those "hip hop" outfit and stuff.

"do i have to pay you?"

he said "no no, it's free, i have to go off now, so these 2 tickets will have to go, so do you want them?"

and of course i said "yes, thanks alot"

guy gave me a pat on the shoulder , smiled and said "enjoy the movie"

and so i watched "Stomp the Yard" starring Columbus Short.

damn cool movie lah~~ action from beginning till the end.

bet it has already finished screening back in SG. lol

Step It~~


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wah lau eh!! i wanna watch but no one gimme free tickets.

lucky you.

the only free ticket i got was in sg for Open Season - and that was AFTER we already got tickets for another show. blah. it was the same timing - but we decided to watch open season anyway, and trick ourselves to feel excited coz we got free tickets. haha

eh i going down sydney 25 june to 1 july. you free to meet up?? gimme ur number!!
should be free on the weekend maybe 30th june onwards, cuz i have exams on the last week of june, see how is the timetable ah.

shouldnt be a problem =)

no. give you in msn~~~
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