Tuesday, May 01, 2007


i will be fine, like i always get through them. eventually.

clear this obstacle with a smile and pray it doesn't happen again.

wonder how am i going to clear another 4.5years for this.

think after this final lap, i'm not coming back here ever again.


watched "300", was kinda disappointed, not "gore-y" enough, and the ending was kinda detached, no???

well, at least there is the 4.30am (AEST) match to look forward to tonight.

Glory Man United and PLEASE Scholesy don't get another yellow card

P.S : just realized that the match is on wed night, not tues night. so much for something to look forward to.

ah well, suck shit.

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Hey woman...how is it going?

Haven't got the chance to chat with you huh?? been damn busy lah...finally my peak slowed down liaoz...Do drop me a note anytime yea...

Glad to see your blog is alive once again...heehee...cool it man...life aint that bad...isnt it??? When will you be back??? Oh yes..pls remb to get me 2 dozens of Krispy Kremes when you are coming back okie?? I want chocolate custard & original glaze!!!! wahahahahaha...
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