Thursday, May 24, 2007

The-Everything-Crammed-into-One-Post Entry

Caught Spiderman 3 not too long ago (about 2weeks back), i have to was pretty good and i actually like Harry Osborne more than Peter Parker (he was pretty shuai when he turned spider-venom thou with that gothic-punk look). Haha.

Anyway, Harry died in the show towards the end and it was very, very sad, i tell you.

I'm sure there will be a 4th sequel. I don't get it, Sandman just drifted away ah? Sure there will be something in part 4.



KNN !@$*&$^%%*^ that orang utan & crew

freakin' disappointed lah, always like them to last minute let in 1 goal, i don't understand why manchester always let the opposition bring the damn ball into their half of the field and never never tackle them, not even the defenders!!!! What's with all the back peddling ah??!!!?? I never understand, after watching them play all these years.

*shakes head*


2 weeks ago, i had my 1st ever paintball session~~!!! it was good fun but burnt a big hole in my pocket, piang~ trust me, you wouldnt want to pay that price for the bruises you get in return lah.

and so on a cold and foggy morning....we drove to Rouse Hill...

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after a day of paintball-ing~~~

i came back with these.....

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another 2 more on each thighs.....

and these are the culprits......

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will not be doing that for sometime now. lol. good fun but not good on 'em pockets =)
and for the past 2 weeks, i was out in the country campus for 2 practical classes with the horseys and piggies~~ it is tough getting to the place lah and yesterday (which was the 2nd practical class), i had to wake up at 0530 to catch the train to the suburb to reach in time for class at 0945. Train ride was about 1hr10mins.

some scenic pictures...

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was pretty exhausted when i got back each time...
next sem, it would be pretty much every friday -_-||


weather is turning cold now, it was ridiculously cold for the past 2 days. think it is because of the wind. not really the temperature. lucky thing today was better.

exams are approaching and i haven't really done revision.

hell, they haven finish lecturing in school.

Ji Tao Power Liao.....Song Bo!

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hmm if u keep seeing the same scenary everyday, i think u will end up catching some winks! =P
ya man. over the weekends will be bad enough. lol. no life!
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