Sunday, September 09, 2007

dis rainy days keeps insanity awake

been raining hell lot for the past week. 1 test down now, 2 more to go, plus 1 presentation and 1 group essay before the intra-sem break hits.

crazy ktv sessions which left me dangerously sleep deprived =P & not to mention a ridiculously overpriced yam cha session yesterday

crazy movie-watching too for the record;

"The Thin Red Line" was boring and too wordy

"Apocalypto" was "what the hell?!?" and you have this male protagonist running for his life throughout the length of the movie

"Save the Last Dance" was pretty a-ok, society issues and romance

"The Prince & Me" is your typical teeny-booper flick

"A Sound of Thunder" was good, if you like those "back to the past" & sci-fic themes

"The Covenant" was cool comparable to "Underworld", better than X-Men, not that i'm a fan of X-Men (with the exception of The Beast, intellectual man or beast is fine with me)

Watched "Ghost Rider" sometime back, that was pretty good too. Finally, a watchable Nicholas Cage movie since "The Rock".

Finished another Matthew Reilly's Contest, this time.

Booze free for a week!

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Hahah.... Naked tazan running through the whole show! It is a sleep deprive weekend! Yoyz yoyz men! we should this again soon! ^@^
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