Saturday, September 29, 2007

of pure madness, madness, madness

the way way overdue update i mentioned since the 20th

i stuck my arm up a cow's arse during prac classes while the cow contracted on my arms and poo-ed at the same time, yes, i kena poo on the arm, luckily not on the overalls.

and since the holidays started, to summarize:

last saturday marks the last Japanese for beginners class and as well as the start of my 1 pathetic week break from school. (where got enough!!!!)

i watched a total of 3 dvds , "prime", "enter the phoenix" and "van wilder-party liaison" , 1 taiwan serial "放羊的星星" & 1 japanese serial "Hana Kimi" [Nakatsu is so cute lah! Ikuta Toma, thats his real name]

had japanese food (Hikaru, Kura, Tomodachi, random sushi's)

celebrated Mid-Autumn's Festival on the rooftop with mooncakes & lanterns

had Max Brenner's at Oxford Street

had korean food (can't remember the name of the place)

had thai food at Haymarket

had makan at a HK themed restaurant in Chinatown

went for my school attachment at Gladesville

went to the pub across from my place twice for drinks (4 schooners of pure blonde to date =D)

played pool at the same pub

went KTV at GBP twice in a space of 4 days (KTV in Sydney is way cheaper than KBox in SG ok~~)

today is another "nua" day at home before we chiong again tomorrow with a full day of a beach walk? @ Bondi, lunch at Hurricane's (apparently very good ribs) and a possibly an extensive night of KTV at K2

up next in the plan, is Oktoberfest!

P.S: haven started studying yet, die..... and 1 more assignment due on monday, have to start and finish it up liao...sianed...

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