Sunday, September 16, 2007

very randomly

there are times when you wish you could drop everything and MIA for awhile

today is 1 of those days.

totally forgetting the facts that i have no moolas and driving license

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haven't heard from you in awhile!
how was the cow's arse? :)
i know someone who did vet studies in NSW as well, and this was also part of her, well, course of study... heh. fun or not

and yes, i have many of those wish-i-could-disappear days. just went through several of them the past week myself too.
hang on, k?
there's summer vacation to look forward to - you going home?
vet in NSW? i think it is the same school bah? no other school liao, unless you are talking about James Cook University?

ya going back to SG for the summer hols. hee hee.

not sure wat i will do there thou. lol
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