Monday, October 01, 2007

of my new mp-san player

my current iriver t10(512MB) has served me well for the past 2yrs and an upgrade was in the works.

saw a reasonably priced new player on the block and got it after doing some research.

initally it was suppose to be the iriver clix 2 (8GB) but due to the sheer price of it, decided on the iriver x20(4GB) instead

here is my new toy!

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kinda regretted not getting the 8GB version. ah would have meant more money anyway. so i will just make do =)

review: it is pretty easy to use with the software bundle and all, the player is surprisingly light and the battery lifespan is pretty good. lithium batt is replaceable and rechargeable. screen resolution is pretty good and 1 of the many plus points is the external speakers which allows your friends to listen to the songs without plugging in the earphones. neat!


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