Sunday, October 14, 2007

the roach have shifted

hey peeps,

after almost 3 years of inconsistent blogging, the roach is moving to a greener and more slimier long kang.

as you know with blogspot, the entries are free for all to view, it's kinda restricting on what you can and what you can't say.

so it's on to a more secure, personal and "more liberal in speech" site.


so what's the webby?
it's been good reading at this longkang.

if it's ok with you, let me know.
if not, that's ok too.
it's good not to have to censor yourself. :)

good luck with the new one!
i kinda understand why you'd want to move, blogger in a public form is quite restricting..

and if it's alright with you, could i know your new site?

all the best!
waiting to know ur new long kang that the dog can pay u a visit when she is taking a walk...
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