Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Summing up Singapore

Too lazy to type out all the details, so here’s the summary as much as I can recall.

Furthest place been to: Clementi, Upper Thomas Road, Novena
Most frequent place: where else, my sweet hometown, Tampines

Didn’t do much shopping except for necessities to bring back.

Drank kopi at kopi tiams almost everyday.

Ate Pig Organs’ Soup twice [too much is bad for health mah, craved also don’t kill yourself, keke. My friends would have sworn that I was grinning throughout the entire time I was eating, with that look of satisfaction. LOL]

Ate Roti Prata thrice [many thanks to the Hydro gang for that delicious prata recommendation at Upper Thomas]

Ate sushi twice [finally tried sakae sushi, better than genki]

Also ate at various restaurants [Ding tai feng is so-so, i love crystal jade!]

Played pool at least 5 times at Pavilion, where else cheap and quite good. I wouldn’t say fabulous.

Watched 2 movies [Initial D & War of the Worlds, the latter was a waste of $9.50. Shit]

K-ed 3 times [if I could, I would have gone more than that, no kar-kees lah]

Booze-ed with friends thrice [with the last time being the most enjoyable, quoting Meow saying “Trying to test my patience”.]

Check out why here.

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da chilli bomb. i couldn't help laughing. my sides were aching damn badly.

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aftermath : mua scrubbing my "work".

Just for the record again; I swear it was not intention.

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